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Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

- Benjamin Disraeli-










Ben Yew - Editorial Photographer

As freelance photographer, I travel quite a bit for work and I've always had a fascination with different cultures and places I have never explored before.

I love my journey more than my destination, getting lost opens up new doors for surprises and creativity. Please take your time to immerse in my travel and adventure through my images and share them on your wall.

Stories of my journey.

in an art form.

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves

- Henry David Thoreau -

Dreamy Pastel Palette of Oia
from 95.00

Oia, Santoriniy - Greece

That is just how you pronounce Oia (Ee-ah) in Santorini, the most iconic and touristy spot where the white and pasterly blue dome heaven is located. It's not surprising for Santorini to have over 2 million tourist visiting that tiny island each year as Santorini is on nearly everyone’s bucket list including mine.

Creating a photographic artwork on one of the most captured iconic spot in Europe is certainly a challenge. I needed to stay true to my aesthetic with a sense of space, illuminating natural light with a dream worthy vision.

With so many selfie sticks pointing everywhere from the tourists, it felt like an international fencing competition at a market during peak hours. From couples having their pre-wedding session to groups of tourist patiently waiting in line for the best view of Oia, I was certainly one of them.

But I have decided to move on and try to get a better vantage point to frame my shot , so glad to have found it after a few minutes of wondering around. I just needed more patience, as tourists are walking in and out of my frame and occasionally pausing for their photos before I could capturing my image.

This is a little dreamy piece of Atlantis.