Ben Yew Stories : Editorial

Discovering the dreamy world of a little ballerina
— Ben Yew

I have always been fascinated by dancers, how graceful and elegant they move and how they inspire others. Its perfect, but perfections comes from years of determination, practice and sacrifices.

And it all started from a dream.

I envision my next project to portray a little ballerina’s dream. First person that came to mind was Eiva. As I knew her parents well and that she has an amazing personality. We wanted this project to be based on Eiva’s dream and her outgoing and adventurous personality. Her parents Harry and Tianna, came out with this amazing location and we knew this would be the prefect match for Eiva.

I hope this project would inspire young dancers to discover and pursue their dream.

From Harry & Tianna,

Our first born child was the start of a journey that we could never invision until her eyes fell deep into ours, whilst laying so calm in our somewhat nervous embrace. 

"We knew from the moment she was born, Eiva was here to teach us."

With her curious bold mind, a kind empathetic nature, stories have been shared throughout her very young years. 

young ballet

Eivas passions have evolved on an interesting and creative path, from wanting to be a doctor, then a singer, an actress, an artist and now quite convincingly her passion for ballet and adoration for "real ballerinas" has shone through and consumes her focus. She desperately wants to be a beautiful and magical fairy ballerina, and in her mind as she dances, she is summoning unicorns and fairies from a magic realm known only to her.

"Our little girls imagination is so in depth and complex, while maintaining that authentic innocence only a child possesses"

Last year, Eiva became lost in the forrest behind Capel while we collected wood for the winter.
"Eiva ... Where are you!? Please call out to us so we can find you." The woods are thick, we were standing downwind, we couldn't hear a sound over the trees. The chainsaw had been going for an hour and there were tracks all around us , but which one could she have chosen...

Muddy hands and toes , standing so elegantly, nature falls all around. Shoes have been lost, no longer can you hear us call your name. Little fingers follow moss embedded on an old fallen tree, toes curl with the cold sensation of running water, a twirl and a leap of a Ballerina to follow that new path, the magic of the woods have captured you now. We found a slightly shocked little girl who had become completely lost in her adventure and imagination. Quite a typical day with our little blonde adventurer.

Our hearts racing to a parents worst thought , though she convincingly remembered "I was not that lost. You once told me that a Ballerina makes a story in her dance...I twirled , I stretched my arms out with grace and then the fairies spun around me, everything was so beautiful, I just found my Ballerina story.

Eiva has taught us to never forget there is purity and innocence in things we often take for granted. Our minds now stay open and we strive to understand her and follow her example. We laugh and play, catch her when she falls, though this little girl isn't hesitant to try again. That dream will be turned into something quite unique one day, follow it with all your heart Eiva Jane.

WORDS : Harrison & Tianna Oakley

Photography : Ben Yew Photography