Volcanic Black Rocks Attracts Sunbeams in Santorini.


I have seen it all, or so I thought I would. Being the 3rd time in Santorini, I felt it was going to be just another trip. Like most travel stories, the longer you stay, the more you discover if you pause and start experiencing the local lifestyle and culture.

- The rhapsody in white, heaven in dreamy blue and the magical glitters from theAegean seas is what made the Greek Atlantis a little slice of heaven -

But of course, there is a lot more to it.

Enroute to Oia, the heart of Santorini requires a bit of driving at the edge of the breathtaking mountain with views that would calm your anxious mind provided you keep your eyes on the road as it may get a bit dangerous without road safety barriers on the edge of the cliffs. 

As you travel closer towards Oia and if your eyes couldn’t help but wonders around, you would see a minimalist and contemporary designed building on the left.  

It is the Aenon Villa. 

I went up to the beautiful old wooden gate but could not open it, so I walked to the side and enter from the other door. Realising later that the door wasn’t locked. I guess I was too excited and missed the latch.

I found the reception and headed in. and met a lovely lady as I introduced myself and she contacted the owner George to give me a short tour around the place. George was so friendly and inviting that he personally showed me around his villa.

He is quite particular about how the place should look like and I guess he is sort of a perfectionist. That certainly helped him to make sure the place is absolutely perfect and spotless. With the white building and floors everywhere, I can certainly imagine his concern. Just a slight dirt on the floor would be very noticeable. After showing me around, I told him that I will wander around myself and take some photos of the villa.

I love taking my time to find the different elements of the property that interests me.

The Villa is situated at the narrowest point of the island with a 360 degrees of the incredible panoramic skies and views of Santorini. It is like works of minimalist art at every corner of this villa. I did wonder about the random volcanic rocks around the villa and next to the pool.

George said,

“Initially it was just cost effective to just keep the rocks where it was, moving it would be a big task and after much consideration, I have decided to just work around it. It actually looks amazing and blends in well with the aesthetics of the island”.

And as I wonder around the villa, I could not help but notice random black volcanic rocks being placed randomly around the villa. Initially, I thought it was just a design thing, it does looks good to have a dark coloured rocks placed around the white washed building, it certainly stood out. I googled and found out, yes although it does looks good, there is a short story behind it. The Greeks believes that the black volcanic rocks attracts sun beam to where it is placed. For me, it looks artistically pleasant and nice to look at. And if you travel around some touristy areas, you will find some volcanic rocks being sold as bracelets, pendants and other form of jewellery.

It was a cold and windy day, a little drizzle as well. It made the place looked shiner and fresh. I actually loved the white washed buildings as it makes the best reflector for photography. As I was walking higher up to get a better view of the Aegan seas, I saw another spot to capture the overall villa. It required a little hike up and I did. I brought my drone and started my hike, decided not to continue as I had enough height to capture the overall villa. I didn’t dare to fly the drone as it was really windy and not too sure if my drone would be stable flyi

Every trip to Santorini from my first was memorable. There is always something new to discover and I am looking forward to my next journey to Santorini and perhaps I will travel to more remote places around the island.